Camping Espresso Maker

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Enjoy a REAL DEAL espresso anywhere......and let's keep it simple while we're at it.

This portable espresso maker was designed with outdoors activities in mind such as hiking and camping. Add ground coffee to one end and boiling water to the other. A few pumps later and you have a hot cup of genuine espresso in your hands.   

This is truly the best made portable espresso maker available. The design is sleek and it works beautifully. Boil your water on a campfire or with your portable cook top. This coffee maker is pressurized and makes a genuine cup of espresso complete with smooth crema.     

Simple and quick to assemble. Each use makes one cup of hot, hand-pressed espresso coffee. Drinking cup and storage bag included. This espresso maker makes a perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast! ACT FAST since the holidays are right around the corner! 

All your fellow hikers will be curious about your espresso maker and will want to try it out. Best of all, this coffee maker does NOT use batteries. It is 100% hand-operated for simplicity while out in the back country. 

By employing a combination of our water purifier, survival kettle, and this espresso maker - you could enjoy your first ever espresso made from a natural water source, such as river or spring.

For easy clean-up, disassemble and rinse the pieces in clean water then air-dry.  Clean with light detergent and warm water once back at home.     


Product Size: 19.6 x 5.8 x 5.5cm (7.7 x 2.3 x 2.2in)

Material: food grade plastic

Ground coffee: 7g

Water capacity: 70ml



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