16-in-1 Multi-Tool Camping Shovel

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Digging a campfire pit?

Having trouble driving stakes into dry, hard soil?

Need an excellent tool to prep firewood? 

Need to conserve space while maximizing utility?

These are just a few uses of this amazing camping shovel. The primary function is the shovel; however, this multi-tool also has a saw, hatchet, emergency whistle, wrench, rope cutter, a glass breaking bit, and more.  Remove the shovel head, leaving the rest intact, and you have a baton. This is an extremely well thought-out multi-tool with countless uses.   

  • Lightweight yet highly durable.  So light you won't realize it's in your backpack but strong enough to get the job done!
  • Quick and easy to assemble by hand - no tools required. 
  • Sleek design and attractive appearance but rugged at the same time.
  • Extremely portable and easy to carry.

Carbon-steel construction gives it its strength. The hatchet packs a punch. You'll be surprised at how strong it is when you first test it out.  The shovel cuts through dirt and clay with minimal effort. 

16-in-1 multi-tool designed to help you in various camping/survival scenarios. Considering the number of effective tools included in the shovel - this is well worth the price. Every camper should carry it.  Makes the PERFECT GIFT for any outdoor enthusiast.

Carrying/storage case included. Case design may vary by availability. Very compact when broken down and will fit easily in your backpack. The tactical camping shovel will quickly become your favorite piece of camping gear.  


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