Portable Solar Panel Charger

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Charge your devices using the energy of the sun with this 8W output, 4-panel solar charger.


 While you are on the trail, hook it to your backpack using the included clips and let it soak up the sun light as you hike. When you are stationary, simply lay it out and position it directly towards the sun's rays and connect your device using the USB port on the charger.    

 The benefits are obvious as you can now charge your phone without electricity and while engaging in countless outdoor activates! Ideal for emergency situations or simply on long hikes when you know you won't have access to an electrical outlet for a long time. Red LED light will shine when the charger is receiving adequate sunlight to charge your devices.  


Take your solar panel charger with you on ANY outdoor activity: camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, climbing, to the beach, and more.



Solar Panel: 8 W-Solar Type: monocrystalline grade A

USB output: maximum power 8 W; around 5V / 0A- 1.2A (Maximum, no load)

Light intensity for maximum power: 40,000 Lux.

All solar panel outputs are decided by the intensity of the sun.  When testing your current, try to do this under direct sunlight at noon.

High efficiency: 19.8% output

interface: USB

Extended size: 545 * 170 * 10mm / 21.5 x 6.7 x 0.4 inch

Folded size: 170 * 105 * 30mm / 6.7 x 4.2 x 1.2 inch

Weight: 280g - 300g 


If you are using an Apple device with this charger, we recommend connecting the solar panel charger to a backup battery to collect energy. Afterwards, connect your backup battery to your phone or tablet for charging (this applies to Apple products only). 



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